Monday, February 25, 2013

Everyone Loves Free Samples! Sample Training Week

Part of why I wanted to start this blog is to give back to the tri community that has given me so much.  I know that starting out in this sport can be somewhat intimidating as there are so many little details to cover - and very tight clothing to wear!  When I was new, I was so information hungry that it is a miracle that I graduated college given my ratio of triathon to pharmacy research.  Anyways, I wanted to write this post as a sample of what I do in a given training week.

One should note that one man's successful training plan could be another's recipe for disaster, so use this for entertainment purposes only.  Also know that even though I perform the sessions, I consider them to be property of my coach, Rich Laidlow, and I won't go into the exact specifics of each workout.

This week is taken approximately 4 weeks out from a half iron which I consider an "A" race and coming right out of a run endurance block.

Monday: 4800m swim consisting of repeats of increasing distance and speed with an all out 800m time trial.  Also included some drill work.  Beast of a session...

Recovery Bike of an hour that has high cadence repeats and one leg drills.

Tuesday: Interval run with 2000m repeats and 400m recoveries

Recovery/Technique swim of 2800m.  Worked mainly on streamline position.

Wednesday: 5k bike repeats on the trainer at over race power. 

4200m swim of 400m repeats breathing every 5th stroke and some sprint work.

Thursday:  7 mile tempo run with 10K and 70.3 pace pieces.

Friday: One hour Fartlek bike session on the trainer.  (If you're unfamiliar with Fartlek, go ahead and giggle... and then Google it.)  This is a killer session!

Saturday:  4 hour free ride on the bike.  Emphasis on time over effort.  On the trainer, due to weather :(

Sunday:  Race prep bike/run brick.  3 hours of race power extended intervals on the trainer and then straight into an hour of high intensity one mile run repeats.

Well, there you have it!  Big week with some big gains and another deposit in the bank of fitness!

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